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At the personal, professional and organisational levels, the question is often asked ‘Is real change possible?’. My answer is most definitely YES. From my own experience of building an ethically based prosperous business where people flourished, to designing and leading development programmes all over the world, I have witnessed the transformation that is possbile when people are valued for their contribution, engaged in meaningul work and living in line with what matters most to them.

There is no ‘right’ equation, scientific research or ‘exact’ methodology to follow that will enable a leader to create a working environment where people flourish and business prospers.  Something unique is required for every organisation based on its offer, its purpose and the leadership.

Flourishing is a dynamic and emergent phenomena just as in nature. The right environment, conditions, care and nourishment are needed to develop people and grow a business. We know that FLOURISHING lies beyond the basics of wellbeing.

Our approach goes beyond the traditional ‘hygiene’ factor of employee wellbeing, which usually includes providing facilities for employees to eat well, exercise and build social networks. This is insufficient for personal sustained high performance. What is required is an elevation in self-leadership and personal responsibility at all levels of the organisation.


Flourish:Beyond Wellbeing

Virgin Atlantic


With engagement scores low in Virgin Atlantic and high in Virgin Holidays – the discrepency was not acceptable to the business leaders.  ‘Change fatigue’ was being cited across the business, with people struggling to ‘do more with less’, the overarching goal of the engagement was to move  from a work environment where people were overwhelmed and “surviving” to one where people were consistently and reliably bringing the best of themselves to the business. Generating this kind of organisational shift  would be the pathway to accelerated high performance and business prosperity.

Over a 10 month engagement period, 1700 business leaders participated in the 2 day Flourish programme. Many people citing the programme was life changing at in both their personal and professional lives.






Crawley, UK


Engagement Design Programme Delivery Ledership Development

Over a 2 year period one of the business executive teams had been dealing with relentless change in systems and several leaders with varied styles and trying to manage the challenge this represented. With the news of more to come, new ways of building resilience and capacity to deal with the challenges were needed. We designed workshops that enabled the team to take a step back from the day-to day of business and reflect on where they were, confront where they were headed and introduce new ways of working needed to succeed in the coming months. A new vision for the business and a compelling offer that encapsulated the vision was created.




2017 - 2018




Capacity Building
Design and Delivery
Leadership Development

Capacity Building, Developing Resilience


Leadership Development, Inclusivity and Diversity


Working for a 3 year period, across diverse business units with executive teams and individual coaching clients in need of capacity building to embrace the challenges and demands of this fast paced consumer goods business. Greater levels of self-awareness and personal responsibilty for wellbeing was required in order to sustain the pace of change, the growth and deliver the business results.  With the Sustainable Living Plan in place there was an increased level of awareness that sustainabilty of the employees on the inside of the business was critical to deliver on the bold audacious goals of the global plan.


Consumer Goods




London and Liverpool


Integral Leadership
Team Building
Capacity Building

British Gas
British Telecom
BHP Billiton
Talisman Energy
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