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Social Impact

I have come to see and experience that any work for social impact is both social and spiritual: the two are one. Engaging in any endeavour to change an outdated structure, to tranform a system that violates human rights, disempowers the marginalised, or disregards those without a voice, begins with an exploration into the source of one’s own heartbreak,  intent and commitment.

Whilst skill and competencies need to be developed in order to take action on the things that matter most to us, a connection between our private and public life is also needed, between our own life and the what is happening in the world.  To face current and future challenges that lie ahead we must be rooted in something much larger than ourselves.

Through deep processes I work with people and groups to understand the difference between redemptive anger and destructive anger, to build conscious and powerful leaders who are willing to self-examine, have the difficult conversations much needed with themselves and others, to make a stand for enriching life and to bring about societal change.

"I come with my own authority as an embodied female in this planet time, feeling deeply, conscious of the desecration of the planet and an understanding of why it's happening and what I can contribute"
- Julie Butterfly Hill
Our personal and public lives

In the world

Inner Action Workshops

To create a life that enriches versus depletes we must first become aware and confront the facts that produce the unworkability and the consequences in our world. This is often painful and profoundly disturbing to absorb. However it is essential we confront the current reality and allow ourselves to feel our own pain and fear, if we are to take a stand for change. This deep work is an opportunity to strengthen ourselves, find the courage to speak out, build the emotional resilience and personal stand that is needed to initiate the important work in shaping the future.

FemmeQ: Public events

FemmeQ is the deep, ancient wisdom that exists in women and in men. A wisdom that protects life, is fair to future generations, and acts on a basis of global inter-connectedness. It is only when these feminine principles are interwoven in all structures that we can truly experience new models of regeneration, trust building and peace. Our international summits and business lunches support women and men in understanding how they can embody and apply feminine intelligence.


The current systems and structures cannot be re-designed from the mindset that created them. By necessity our internal system must be rewired to serve and sustain economic prosperity. Examining inherited beliefs, transforming out-dated habits and self-serving agendas of an entrepreneur is the starting point for lasting social impact. Ethical conscious leadership is an art and a science, it requires moral and intellectual maturity combined with deep spiritual practice to go the distance.

Sally-Ann Gomes
Chief Operating Officer, The Energy Project UK

Karen is an exceptional facilitator and speaker. Her work at TheEnergy Project has ranged from facilitating c-suite groups, largemanagement teams and giving inspiring key notes to senioraudiences. She always radiates confidence and enthusiasm. Karen is an exceptional facilitator and speaker.