The Flourish Initiative

Flourish: Beyond Wellbeing

Flourishing: maintaining a deep sense of wellbeing, meaning and purpose even in the face of challenge, uncertainty and adversity.

When people build their inner resourcefulness and have enhanced capacity and resilience they are able to consistently and reliably bring the best of themselves to deliver for the organisation whilst living a fulfilling and meaningful life.

‘Wellbeing: the state of being comfortable, health or happy’.  Our health and wellbeing are essential but not sufficient for a highly challenging and demanding business environment.

‘Flourishing: developing rapidly and successfully: thriving’.  Flourishing is beyond wellbeing and is essential for sustainable high performance, life fulfilment and business prosperity.


Around the world individuals and teams are facing relentless change and increasing demands. People are often overwhelmed, burned out, mentally depleted and emotionally drained from trying to keep up. These are the challenges business leaders face today and we help them to solve:

Change Fatigue

Leading to apathy and burn out from people trying to "tough it out" with no opportunity to replenish


Leading to job insecurity and lack of psychological safety, people feeling confused


With diminished ressources and financial cut-backs, people are having to do more with less


To avoid the further burden of responsibility, risk aversion becoming the norm

Lack of Trust

Loss of confidence in senior leaders, being able to provide clarity and certainty


People uninspired by lack of purpose and meaning, feeling undervalued and unappreciated

Why Flourishing matters

beyond wellbeing

Our approach goes beyond the traditional ‘hygiene’ factor of employee wellbeing, which usually includes providing facilities for employees to eat well, exercise and build social networks. This is insufficient for personal sustained high performance. What is required is an elevation in self-leadership and personal responsibility. We work on the 4 inner resources we all have access to, in order to consistently and reliably operate at our best:

"40% of what determines our fulfilment, satisfaction, sustainable happiness and wellbeing lies in our own hands".
The Flourish Initiative

Where to begin


Shifting from the old style of resilience "toughing it out" to learn and embrace a new definition of resilience that is sourced from a deep sense of wellbeing.


Each and every person has a contribution to make, recoginising this and committing to bringing this to the business each and every day.


Our 4 inner human resources can be developed and expanded to transform the way we live and lead: the intelligence of our body, emotions, intellect and spirit.


Feeling valued, knowing our lives matter and we have purpose is essential to fulfilment and activates the willingness to bring discretionary effort.

Mark McClennon
Mark McClennon Global CIO Burberry

“I have worked with Karen for several years now, in different businesses and she has played many roles – from personal coach to a global scale driver of behavioural change. I have never met a person who connects so rapidly and deeply to a person or a group as Karen. She is a wonderful and insightful individual who has the skill, sensitivity and authenticity to challenge you to be at your best in a way that is highly effective. Every team I’ve led in the last 5 years has loved having Karen on the journey with them and she is someone I’ll always turn to for help, leadership and energy.”

Kate O’Connor
Kate O’Connor - Leadership Development Consultant Virgin Atlantic

“Karen and the team at the Flourish Initiative supported us through a transformational development programme at Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Holidays, that really touched both hearts and minds. Their passion, commitment and desire to make the world a better place really shows in the work that they do, and despite 49 programmes and 1600 participants, their energy and spirit to make a difference never faltered!”

Sue Liderth
Head of IT TCCA & MENA The Coca-Cola Company

“I attended The Flourish Initiative’s ‘Leading with Grace and Resilience’ programme and was fortunate enough to enjoy 6 months personal coaching from Karen directly. Having attended a large number of personal development and coaching sessions during my 20+ years in the corporate world, I can honestly say that Karen’s approach is the most unique and impactful that I have experienced. I would highly recommend Karen as a guide to developing yourself and/ or others as authentic, intuitive compassionate leaders with a relevance in the modern world”