Ethics, integrity, consciousness

Integral Leadership

Corporate leaders with their global reach have the opportunity to be a force for good in the world.  Purpose in business is sought out by the new generation of employees, care of people and concern for planet are the requirements of top talent.

Future success will only be possible if each and every leader is willing to go through the same shift in mindset and an opening of their heart as they are asking of their people.


Conscious and ethical business leaders are the ones who are willing to self-examine, to have the difficult conversations with themselves and others in order to develop new qualities and behaviours necessary to enable the company to evolve.

As consciousness shifts so too does competence, establishing a higher level of effectiveness across the business.



From decades of experience in the business world, I have come to understand it’s not simplicity that is the solution to complexity, but diversity.  Diversity is an antidote to the complexity we face today and inclusion is one of the solutions to the problems that confront us.

I support business leaders and their teams in developing the necessary qualities, strengths and leadership skills to build a life enhancing and sustainable organisation.  This requires utilsing the talent and potential of all people in the organisation, creating cultures where the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

This is a whole person leadership approach: we know that the personal is the professional and one profoundly affects the other.


1:1 Sessions

Building a deep personal connection and an understanding of the individual is needed to identify the necessary areas for growth and transformation.

Executive Team Development

Identifying the unique qualities and developing the potential of every person in the team, aligning on purpose, principles and values.

Public Workshops

By developing skill in authentic dialogue, clearing old patterns, shifting mindset and articulating a clear purpose, business communities can engage, contribute and flourish.

Leading with Grace & Resilience

Both an Inhouse 2-day workshop and 4-day public programmee which is deep immersion retreat for women business leaders, change makers, senior executives and social entrepreneurs, who are committed to bringing about a new paradigm of leadership.

Leading with

Grace & Resilience

The qualities of Grace and Resilience enable women, who are seeking to make a difference in their leadership or to take a stand in the world, to hold their power, maintain presence and retain their grace, even in the most difficult of circumstances.

Grace is the quality that enables us to pause, to listen, to use one’s inner wisdom, intuition and insight to what is emerging and provide what is needed in any given moment to achieve the best possible outcome.

Resilience holds the qualities of courage, confidence, strength and staying power that is required to consciously remain true to our stand in the world and bring the best of ourselves to any situation, even in the face of adversity and setback.

An In-house Company 2-day Workshop and A 4-day International Public Retreat

"The program really addresses all key areas of life and supports stepping into our greatness as well as what holds us back."
- Amy Currant - Senior Consultant, 
Impact Solutions International
The Flourish Initiative


Elevating consciousness

Psychological Safety

Building and establishing a framework to build a business environment that is based on freedom of expression and nurturing engagement to unleash the collective talent of the all people across the business.

Values based leadership

Develop leadership qualities and strengths, an understanding of their overuse and embodying the behaviours across the business that are the necessary match for the expressed values of the organisation to help everyone to suceed and the organisation to thrive.

Kate O’Connor
Kate O’Connor - Leadership Development Consultant Virgin Atlantic

“Karen and the team at the Flourish Initiative supported us through a transformational development programme at Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Holidays, that really touched both hearts and minds. Their passion, commitment and desire to make the world a better place really shows in the work that they do, and despite 49 programmes and 1600 participants, their energy and spirit to make a difference never faltered!”

Sue Liderth
Head of IT TCCA & MENA The Coca-Cola Company

“I attended The Flourish Initiative’s ‘Leading with Grace and Resilience’ programme and was fortunate enough to enjoy 6 months personal coaching from Karen directly. Having attended a large number of personal development and coaching sessions during my 20+ years in the corporate world, I can honestly say that Karen’s approach is the most unique and impactful that I have experienced. I would highly recommend Karen as a guide to developing yourself and/ or others as authentic, intuitive compassionate leaders with a relevance in the modern world”

Ian Kane
Ian Kane ex Talisman Energy

“I highly recommend Karen as an executive coach. She understands the challenges a leader faces and how to work with the individual to achieve the business objectives. Karen is very professional, practical and motivating in her approach and will go the extra miles to help her clients”

Mark McClennon
Mark McClennon Global CIO Burberry

“I have worked with Karen for several years now, in different businesses and she has played many roles – from personal coach to a global scale driver of behavioural change. I have never met a person who connects so rapidly and deeply to a person or a group as Karen. She is a wonderful and insightful individual who has the skill, sensitivity and authenticity to challenge you to be at your best in a way that is highly effective. Every team I’ve led in the last 5 years has loved having Karen on the journey with them and she is someone I’ll always turn to for help, leadership and energy.”

Sally-Ann Gomes
Chief Operating Officer, The Energy Project UK

Karen is an exceptional facilitator and speaker. Her work at TheEnergy Project has ranged from facilitating c-suite groups, largemanagement teams and giving inspiring key notes to senioraudiences. She always radiates confidence and enthusiasm. Karen is an exceptional facilitator and speaker.