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My public and key note speaking topics have always been sourced from my passion for the subject and my expertise built over the course of my career. I have spoken around the world to leaders from all sectors of society to prompt new ways of thinking and leading.

Whilst inspiration is a key element of any public speaking forum, I know that real and authentic personal stories capture imagination and present a new possibilty for the audience to hold onto. Inspiration and hope are the essential ingredients I weave into any speaking engagement.

"People were moved and inspired by your presentation, you touched our hearts and opened our minds!"
-Karen Wooldridge FemmeQ Summit Los Angeles
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> Human Flourishing as the critical factor for Business Prosperity > Reclaiming Leadership: Evoking The Best of our Human Nature > Bridging The Divide: Honouring The Feminine & The Masculine > Flourishing: Beyond Wellbeing The Economics of Wellbeing: the cost and the benefit > From Team Building to Community Building FemmeQ: Feminine Intelligence the new intelligence of Leadership

Human Flourishing: Business Prosperity

Human flourishing is the foundation of business prosperity yet very few organizations have flourishing built into their development programmes. In the 80’s I began my business from a kitchen table-top and built it into a $8.5m turnover. It was an internationally successful enterprise where the wellbeing of our people and conscious ethical decision-making ensured both the employees and the business flourished. In 2018 I designed and delivered a two-day Flourish programme, based on these same principles. 1600 leaders in a major commercial airline participated to instil an ethos of flourishing. This initiative was a global first.

Grace and Resilience: A dynamic flow

Grace holds the potential of presence and self-awareness enabling us to connect to our intuition and lead from a place of purpose, deeply connected to what matters most at the personal, organisational and societal levels. Grace asks of us silence to engage with our inner wisdom, to pause and feel into our intuition, to slow down in order to make progress. Resilience holds the strength and potency to stay the course once the decision has been made. It requires us to consciously develop positive character strengths to ensure we bring the best of ourselves to any situation even in the face of crisis, adversity and setback. These qualities of Grace & Resilience coexist as a dynamic flow, a creative force of conscious and ethical leadership.

The Feminine Principle: the key

The feminine principle has remained untapped for decades. It is marked by qualities attributed to the softer side of our human nature—care, respect, trust, devotion, patience and empathy. When this principle is understood and recognised for its full power, it is a force that can transform conflict, human relations, business negotiations and even our social systems. A shift in consciousness versus a reversal of positions or roles is needed: a shift in consciousness which takes its birth from a base of spirituality and not a base of sexuality.

Sally-Ann Gomes
Chief Operating Officer, The Energy Project UK

Karen is an exceptional facilitator and speaker. Her work at TheEnergy Project has ranged from facilitating c-suite groups, largemanagement teams and giving inspiring key notes to senioraudiences. She always radiates confidence and enthusiasm. Karen is an exceptional facilitator and speaker.

Mark McClennon
Mark McClennon Global CIO Burberry

“I have worked with Karen for several years now, in different businesses and she has played many roles – from personal coach to a global scale driver of behavioural change. I have never met a person who connects so rapidly and deeply to a person or a group as Karen. She is a wonderful and insightful individual who has the skill, sensitivity and authenticity to challenge you to be at your best in a way that is highly effective. Every team I’ve led in the last 5 years has loved having Karen on the journey with them and she is someone I’ll always turn to for help, leadership and energy.”

Sue Liderth
Head of IT TCCA & MENA The Coca-Cola Company

“I attended The Flourish Initiative’s ‘Leading with Grace and Resilience’ programme and was fortunate enough to enjoy 6 months personal coaching from Karen directly. Having attended a large number of personal development and coaching sessions during my 20+ years in the corporate world, I can honestly say that Karen’s approach is the most unique and impactful that I have experienced. I would highly recommend Karen as a guide to developing yourself and/ or others as authentic, intuitive compassionate leaders with a relevance in the modern world”