About me

For over 30 years, I have been working locally and globally with great leaders, from the heads of major corporations to the reluctant but committed leaders in the villages of India and Bangladesh, who had to overcome the most tragic of circumstances to transform their own life and the future of their family.

My roots began in healing and find myself full circle as I see the suffering that is now occuring not at village level in developing countries where I experienced it many years ago, but right under our very noses in the corporate corridors where people are ‘dying for their paycheck’.  The cost is great.  I remain passionate and committeed to tranforming the way we live and work for a more socially just, equitable and spiritually fullfiling future for all.



"In the long run, we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility"
- Eleanor Roosevelt
three decades

Experience and expertise

My work is sourced from great teachers I have learned from: in philosophy, neuro-science, psychology and spirituality, collecting insights, principles and practices to understand what it is to live a meaningful and quality life even in the face of high demands, adversity and setbacks. I have used my own life and business as a laboratory to apply such practices. I built my business on what now is referred to as conscious leadership.

As a trained therapist and practitioner of alternative therapies I have worked with clients to support them in their healing. As an entrepreneur I built a multi-million-dollar international business. As an amateur competitive road cyclist, I competed in the world masters. These experiences have all enriched my repertoire and understanding of what it takes to strive and thrive even in the face of extreme conditions. The roles we play yield experience and bring wisdom; as a healer, a single mother, an entrepreneur, CEO, and facilitator I now have an expanse of knowledge that can be practically applied.

facing the unknown

Present day

Over the past decade business and the world has changed dramatically. I speak to leaders and people living their everyday life and they all express the same message; confronted with some of the greatest challenges they and we all have ever faced at the global and personal levels. At the same time people are talking about what matters most to them and about the future they are hopeful to create. Wellness, wellbeing and happiness are words that we all consistently read about in mainstream and social media, our politicians are concerned about mental health and corporate are sponsoring mindfulness programmes.

In the wider business communities mental health and psychological safety are major concerns. The marginalised are being included, fear-free zones for open dialogue are being created, diversity and inclusion are headlining corporate agendas. Whilst progress is being made these issues are often being highlighted from a genuine concern and in some instances when a crisis has occurred, we have yet to shift the business context regarding the subject of wellbeing from a nice to have’ to wellbeing as an essential foundation’ for business prosperity. I am passionate about creating a new paradigm where the bridge is made between the personal and the professional, between psychology and spirituality, between wellbeing and sustained performance.

In 2018, my team and I proudly led 1600 senior leaders from a major commercial airline through a 2day Flourish programme, which changed the ethos of the business, transformed people’s lives and the quality of leadeship across the organisaiton. I now know what is possible!