Insight and Foresight

Thought Leader and Entrepreneur

Over the breadth of my 30-year career I have launched initiatitves, developed product ranges, pioneered new industry sectors.  When I felt what was needed at the core of my being I knew something needed to change and believed that if I could see it then I could build it or work with others to create new possibilties.  In the mid 80’s from a small investment of just $65,000, I co-founded and launched In Essence Aromatherapy.  It was more than a brand, we created a new lifestyle for women, we lived and breathed our values and our message from the employee experience to customer engagement.  People needed to learn this healing art and so we created an International College, authoring 6 books along the way, selling 500,000 copies globally.

When the company was sold in 1999, I had not anticpated the loss I would feel and in the grieving process of losing my tribe and my community, I knew others all over the world have experienced loss and questioned ‘where do we go when our hearts are broken?’. And so I wrote my next book ‘Sacred Spaces’

Business Consultant & Facilitator

Conscious Leadership

Since selling her company and moving to the UK in 2002 she has worked as a business consultant and facilitator of development programmes for leaders and their teams. She has worked on major breakthrough projects and delivered programmes across a diverse portfolio of international corporations and sectors;Unilever, BP, BHP Billiton ,Molton Brown, Talisman Energy,BT, Maclaren, The Wealden Times, Save the Children.

What sustains me on my journey is my enduring commitment to deep inner work and adherence to spiritual practices that I know to be necessary in being a conscious leader – myself and others.

My new venture the FLOURISH initiative fully expresses my commitment and purpose – creating global initiatives of positive change at all levels of society for the fulfillment of human flourishing, business prosperity and a life sustaining future.